So last month my dad decided to give our home a face lift, and just did some maintainence and renovations, am guessing that was a birthday treat to himself, hes turning 53yrs this Monday ( september 24th) ,he wanted the chairs re-done, the walls scridded and repainted and loads more, so the chairs were shipped off to the furniture home and work began on the house, everyday work was going on the house, it only  got uglier because there were things everywhere, out of place and it meant more work/cleaning up had to be done when  each team left everyday, trust me it was really exhausting and annoying but it was what needed to be done. Fast forward to today, the chairs have been done and they  look amazing  and the walls have a fresh coat on them and feels so smooth when I run my fingers through and everything literally looks better than it was, you wouldn’t even believe that only a few weeks ago it was a painful sight to see or be around and this got me thinking, I  realized that so many times in life we all go through this process, the transformation and refining process, we lose friends,our jobs,money,beauty,family and it seems like the world or the worst has happened. In the search of becoming better we need to understand that this is a process we have no choice over when we are working on becoming the best version of yourself,  but it’s the attitude towards the process that matters, have you made up your mind to go through it, are you ready to become UGLY so you can become the BEST version of you? Are you ready to be torn apart into different places, and to put in the work even on days when you are just not feeling it, on days when everything seems to be crumbling around you? Cause you know your goal, and people are going to say shitty things to and about you, people are going to talk down on you and your ideas, your ego is going to be bruised amongst other things, but what you are going to do is keep pushing, with your head down you are going to search yourself, build  yourself up brick by brick get the energy charged up and let your  strength take you through cause trust me, YOU can do it, all you ever need is YOU, get your mind set right, your determination up and never back down , go through the whole process and come out brand new, and whenever you have does down times, when you are not so pumped up, let the thought of your final stage be your motivation.

Wow look how hot that looks.0

The thought that if you 0don’t give up and see this through to the end, you are going to look, feel and be better than the way you started, Because just like gold, you must go through certain hot furnace, hitting and beating to get you into the right shape, I am currently on my refining journey, constantly searching myself, Working on my weakness (procrastination,punctuality,selfishness,honesty amongst others) and trust me honey its not one of my favorite thing to do but I going through it either ways and I already see a shift in old habits, things are not all figured out yet, am not yet at my GOLDEN STAGE, but I see it taking shape already, if I can do it and get to this stage, going through the process, I promise you can too. I know we all at one point or even right now might have gone through or are going through this process and I would love to hear how you are dealing with yours, what keeps you going? What progress you have made so far? And basically just build up a support system to endeavor that we walk through this fire and not even smell like smoke. Don’t be scared or shy to look ugly, to fail a couple of times, pick yourself up and keep pushing through. UGLY IS GOOD

I love you all, God loves us more


Obeh Sylvia Eloho Idara



I have been infected

It is with great sadness in my heart that I share this news with you all, the news is true,I have been INFECTED!!!!.

I swear I can’t imagine what some people are guessing am talking about now, what I would give to know.

Hey fellas, how are you doing today?, I know this heading got a lot of people,hell even when I send it to my parents,am sure they are only going to read the heading, and I would have started explaining,no need to read the full post again, lol.

So It took me a while to notice but i did some weeks back, I made a chilling discovery. I was scrolling through the “gram” and surfing through different profiles,I noticed that my thoughts and what proceeded thereof from my lips were negative,spiteful,judgemental words and I observed that I had slowly been like that for little over a month. What!!!! That was when it dawn on me, I had been INFECTED not with a physical one but one of the mind,heart and I knew this was dangerous cause it only brings disappointment,feelings of shortcomings,deeply rooted hate, amongst other things. I started tracing my steps back, trying to recall where I had gotten the energy from. I searched all my recent connection with people and then lucky me I was able to get a particular energy that was bad for me, although at that moment when it was going on I didn’t realize it but my energy was being sapped daily and it left me feeling tired,drained and unhappy.

Let the ones that know me tell you, I am a happy soul,quite bubbly (sometimes way too,but then I blamed my feeling that way on the fact that it was a “tight” time for me, I remember been bombarded with negativity and I allowed it thinking I was immune,how can a happy soul be infected,right? Well a little seed had been planted and just like every thing else, it grew. This was why I had subconsciously expressed those thoughts, Now, it’s a important to see that the kind of energy you surround yourself with has to be positive, it’s ok to choose who you want around you, darling guard it selfishly !!!! .

Have you ever felt drained after listening to someone’s problems or just

I am not an expert here but here are a few ways you can protect your energy.

⁃ Become aware.By pausing and becoming aware of your surroundings, you are exercising your intuition and building upon your ability to sense how a person, place, or thing affects you. It’s important to have a foundation of heightened awareness in your everyday life so you can navigate emotional minefields and stay sane.

⁃ Put up your guard. Yes, I just said, “Put up your guard up” This does not mean closing your heart or shutting yourself off from other human beings. It means establishing clear energetic boundaries so that you can move around wherever you please without unwillingly mingling with messy energies that are not yours.

⁃ Take a cold shower. Water is a natural energy cleanser, and the cold temperature spins dark, heavy energies up and out of your body.

⁃ Earth yourself. Go outside and place your bare feet on the grass or dirt. This is called earthing.The more well-grounded you are, the more protected you are from negative energy.Next time someone’s energy is frazzled, say “Go earth yourself!”

⁃ Activate your sacred place. Your sacred space isn’t just your living room or office, it’s also the subtle energy field surrounding your body. In other words, you are your own sacred space. Don’t treat it like shit and expect it to be uplifting you!! Play uplifting music,watch your body and space and use for loving purposes. Don’t sit down all day grumbling and expect positive experiences.

– Exercise

⁃ Talk to God about it.

I have noticed changes in myself and still working to make them permanent, looking at different ways to be better,I know this would help someone so hey!, don’t be a hoarder, share your thoughts if you ever went through this,are going through this,how you got through it,am sure it would be helpful to myself and someone else.


I love you all and thanks for the support, coming to check my posts,the real ones that even hit me up to remind me that I haven’t posted in awhile, “I luh you guys” 🙌🏾✌🏿.

I would also love to know what you guys thought I was talking about when you saw the header ???

Stay updated by following my socials,

Love you,


Life of Obeh Sylvia Eloho

We can only move FORWARD

Hey guys,

Over the last couple of months,I have written a couple of posts but I never got to finish most of them,some were mostly about me trying to stay positive,speaking positively even though i wasn’t particularly feel that way. In the midst of all these I was experiencing all sorts of emotions. Shit, I was having it all happen at the same time. Now you wondering what am talking about right? Well turning 23 yrs in February changed me in more ways than I could ever even begin to recount. It started slowly but then it picked up pace, shit got real way too quick. I didn’t want to do certain things that I wouldn’t even have given a thought to before,I didn’t want to hang around certain kind of people,I wanted more from me,I wanted to make my family happy,be a better sister,get closer to Jesus, be productive, the only thing wrong was I wanted all this and my old life. Honey, I struggled with this for a while, it was like I was living a double life, like Miley Cyrus/ Hannah Montana (who remembers that show). I wanted to act matured but not be matured, but it never works that way, SACRIFICES have to be made, this I came to realize and I know growing up sucks like hell sometimes ,cause of the responsibilities that we automatically assume even without being asked to(call it the Nigerian thing),that continuous feel of not doing enough,not giving enough. I have only recently gotten a better view of things,not to say that I have it all under control,but I have only realized my strength, my weaknesses, my support system, my drive, I know now that it’s not about the battles but about YOU, how you face it, how you take on the challenge,how you rise above it, cause in the end we can only move FORWARD. I choose to move FORWARD through whatever and I know one thing am grateful for is CLARITY, I experienced my first real feel of maturity this period and it scared the hell out of me, it was strange to me, I felt like a different person and I also realized that YOU ARE ALL YOU’VE GOT, SO YOU HAVE TO TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF, cause YOU are no good to anyone if you don’t.

So moving forward, I took this lovely images awhile back and honestly heading to this location which was impromptu and unplanned was just the universe helping me out that day,the owner of the building was so nice and made us feel comfortable. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as we did while creating it.

Jacket and pant trousers: @theoutletbystyletrailer

Shoes: @miskayboutique


Obeh Sylvia Eloho


So am trying not to start all my post with “hey,hi,hello” and I think I have just succeeded in achieving that lol. It’s been ages since I last posted anything and yes at first I convinced myself it was cause I didn’t have good images to accompany my message (osheyy messenger) lol,but then on turning 23,yes I know right, gradually turning to a wife material in Nigerian life code. So I got a new camera as my 23rd birthday gift,trust I was excited with the prospect of having better images and I imagined I would shoot everyday even,sadly this wasn’t to be. I made up more and more excuses why I couldn’t post,I did a couple shoots and then I made up excuses that cause the picture weren’t edited I couldn’t share them on here,cause I wanted a particular standard and i allowed myself get overwhelmed by the things that don’t necessarily matter.

I decided to write today about EXCUSES,I had a lot of other things I wanted to talk about but I realize one of my greatest challenges in life is consistency(staying through to the course). I have always been one to easily whip out an excuse for why things aren’t how I feel they should be. Why this happened this way and I was always cleverly shifting the blame from myself to others, and I only recently realized that it was a big problem I had as am sure I have a few more culprits here too lol (listen to me,looking for others to join in,don’t want to take the fall alone,see what am saying. Lol)but am sure some of us are like me too.

It’s always easier to throw someone else under the bus,let them take the blame for it,it makes us feel better,eases our conscience.

What do you understand by an Excuse?

-as defined by google : it is a reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense. The key words here for me are “justify” and “offense”. We are always aware of our wrong doings and know that it is wrong but to avoid dealing with the guilt,to avoid working on it,we tend to justify our actions and which most likely involves shifting blames,when this becomes a habit it becomes detrimental to our relationship with ourselves and eventually others cause it prevents growth and taking responsibility.

They always say the first step to get better is identifying and acknowledging that there’s an issue and willingness to work on it. Everyone is guilty of making excuses one way or the other,at some point in our lives but the fact is an excuse remains an excuse,it doesn’t change anything. Excuses are a waste of time,they don’t fix your problems,they only hold you back and won’t help you or your future,take it from me. I had made so many excuses for why I never posted up,why I never took certain things seriously and now when I look back,all I see are plans on papers,unachieved and some never even worked on. Making a conscious effort to ditch making excuses for why I can’t and start seeing why I must,what I can do and I know it’s a tough road but hey that’s what we are all built for; overcoming obstacles. I am sure you have faced certain situations at different phases of your life that you thought “oh well,this is the END” but hey where’s that bottleneck today??? Gone right? So quit the excuses and start taking them heads on, I was going to postpone posting today,cause I just got back from jogging and the body was weak,sleep was calling my name in “idris Alba’s voice” but I remembered that a devoted reader of my blog had screenshotted my last post and sent to me yesterday,that had sparked up my spirit,cause I hadn’t realized how much my post meant to a few people and honestly I felt inspired to put out something no matter what,and what best to talk about than this. I would like to believe that there are a few of us out there that are also struggling with making excuses and shifting blames and I looked up a few things that I have started incorporating

1: Learn about yourself and your excuses

2: Take ownership/responsibility

3: Overcoming obstacles

I will be back with more updates on how I am doing so far and hopefully with a new slate and do better,how are you guys dealing with excuses and blaming game,help a sister out!!!!!

My pictures were taken by the amazing chukwuma and I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did writing it. Don’t forget to share and leave your comments,you never know who you could be helping.

Two piece are new items from me trying to dabble into fashion designing,what do you guys think? Also am so in love with this hat,you need to hear the way I scream at home if I don’t find it where I kept it,lol .

I love you all,but God loves you more


Obeh sylvia eloho idara


I have a confession

my heart is perfect,only cause you dwell in it “

Hi loves,

It’s been a wonderful end of the year and I know you all were up to a lot this last few days of 2017, I am so happy that we all made it to 2018, whoop whoop 🤟🏾🤟🏾🎄🤪💃🏽💃🏽.

Well I have been surfing the net all through this festive period and a lot today,what I noticed is that a lot of people seem to have felt that 2017 was the “best worst year” for them,they talked about facing challenges,losing friends and literally just surviving every day and how happy they were that the year was over and there were others who felt the year wasn’t that bad to them. Well for most part of last year I struggled with finding myself,my balance and taking care of myself. I actually just lived through the year,I didn’t have any plans for it but all in all I started a business,rounded up my Nysc programme,lost connection with unnecessary associates,got closer to God and re-evaluated my life. Today is the first day in the new year and I didn’t even know I was going to be posting anything on the blog until now and I just decided to go for it. (That’s my mantra for the new year by the way: just do it,do it now not later ).

I have a confession, yes I know you have been wondering what it is from my heading but calm your inquisitive minds,it’s nothing that serious but it’s an issue I have struggled with. PROCRASTINATION for a long time now has truly stolen a lot from me,I had tried to work it out myself but I even procrastinated working on my procrastination, can u beat that?

So this new year,i am taking a conscious step to work on my consistency in life,blogging,self care and every other areas I would love to see a positive change in.I know i am not the only one who suffers from this and I would love for any and all who can help to share with me tips on how they are dealing with theirs. For blogging I have taken a pledge to post every Sunday,tuesday and Thursday. I am putting this out there as a disclaimer so that if by any chance I don’t live up,you all can take me to court literally lol

I know that means I have to post up tomorrow but that’s only just pushing me to do better,think harder and work smarter to bring you all the best of me and help me work on my procrastination.

So guys get back to me on what you think I could do,if you are having similar issues we could totally work it out together cause a support system always helps. In other news I had the best banga soup today and am still reliving the taste in my mouth.

What have you all been up to this new year? What are your goals ? If you are new to my blog,kindly check out my previous post,there just might be something in there for you!!! Yes you!!

Happy new year squaaddddd

I love you but God loves you more


Obeh Sylvia

Gifts 🎁

“ Instead of drifting along like a leaf in a river,understand who you are and how you come across to people,what kind of impact you have on the people around you and the community around you and the world,so that when you go out,you can feel the positive difference you are making”.

— Jane Fonda

This quote got me thinking in different directions this morning guys,the first line speaks it all. “INSTEAD of DRIFTING along like a LEAF in a RIVER. This could mean different things to people but,there’s an angle that’s quite more audible than others and it is .

For a lot of us between the ages of 18-29,we spend most of our agile years just drifting in the sea of activities that have no business in helping us know who we are,our talents and gifts,how to build them and be better.

Finding yourself doesn’t come to an end you know ? Cause everyday we change but we most times tend to forget this,you learn new things about yourself as time goes,don’t try to have it all figured out now. It is a process,every step is to redefine,remind,reconcile,rebrand you and make you stronger for the next phase.

I had struggled a lot trying to figure out what I really liked, at first I thought it was acting,then makeup,followed by photography,and many more,I know I have some of you that can relate.

It was confusing and I really wanted to know what it was that was it for me,I took finding your gift quiz’s and all but I was just stuck. Not until recently,I spoke to a good friend of mine Nkem,we talked about a lot that day and I was delighted,I guess the saying “talking heals” is totally true,cause i felt a different calm onwards. I went back and looked at everything I have ever really done consistently since I was little and it clicked 💡WRITING. I was that one child in my house that loved to write,literature,government and English were my best subjects and I enjoyed talking,I would write about everything and nothing,I owned so many notebooks,notepads,pen and all,even as am adult,whenever I find notepads and pen I can’t help buying.

I had to equip myself and Channel my energy there,and work a seamless string between this gift and every other one and see how I can make an impact and leave an imprint.

ave gifts that have been bestowed on us,we spend a lot of time misdirected and end up struggling for a long time,trust me I went through that path too,don’t beat yourself up,just take out time,go on a self discovery journey. YOU ALONE TIME,tune away from the crowd,the noise,the distractions and think of YOU,what’s best for you!! What YOU like and want!!

t one thing that has stayed with you through the years,that’s your gift and make sure it’s what you are passionate about,cause if not it’s not it and it will suffer in the end,but if it is then you will be up like me 3am doing it without complain (like I am writing my heart out now 2:43am), work and make it the best version,then help others too,cause it’s only in helping others that you help yourself.

ing to faith didn’t start with a leap,but rather a series of stagger,from what seems like one safe place to another.Each prepared me for the next leaf in which I would land,and in this way I moved across the swamp of doubt and fear”.

—– Anne Lamott

Let’s do this quick excercise that helps you to figure out your gifts.

Get a piece of paper 📝 and pen,

Now write out : All your successes both personal and career related,then see if there’s s common theme,if there’s one talent or schemes that runs through most of your achievements,chances are that’s your gift 🎁💝⚡️

Hey guys sorry I jumped into the post like that,I was in so inspired lol, it’s nice to have you visiting my blog today,how far na?? So you guys just boned me abi? Anyways thanks for stop by and staying back,cause I hope you don’t think you are going anywhere again?? Lol 😂,if you are new to the blog, ekaàbò,àkwaábà,welcome!!! Let me know what your think your gifts are? How did you know? And what have you done so far to groom it,I would really love to hear from everyone of you.

I love you but God loves you more

Xoxo. Sassy

Photo credits @ahmedmoore

Location: Lekki conservation centre

Outfit: kimono @tashagiliesofficial

White pleated skirt @topfashion

Makeup : @sassybd

Travel diaries-A City Planned : ABUJA “ planning always keeps you several steps ahead, don’t fail to plan” Happy sunshine beautiful ones, How has your week been so far, it’s Thursday which means the weekend is calling my namesexually,lol. If this is your first timevisiting the blog then you are most welcome 🤘🏾🤘🏾🍻🥂🍾 So I had always wanted to post up something about Abuja, I moved there when I finished uni two years ago, wow someone is getting old oh chaii. I only wish I had taken this blog thing more seriously then,cause trust me abuja has a lot of places for blogging content and it’s not as crowded as other areas making it somewhat easy to carve a niche for yourself. Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria located in the center of the country with the federal capital territory(fct), it is a planned city and was built mainly in the 1980s replacing the most populous city of Lagos as the capital on 12th of dec 1991. Abuja is known for being one of the most purpose-built capital cities in Africa,as well as being one of the wealthiest. UN named it the fastest growing city in the world due to its growth of 139.7% in 2000 & 2010. Major sites include the Nigerian National mosque,Nigerian National Christian centre,eagle square,Central bank of Nigeria,Aso rock/villa,Nnpc towers,Abuja international conference centre,etcAbuja international conference centre National mosque One of the beautiful things about Abuja is how organized it is, hence reducing traffic situations like other major cities in Nigeria, transportation in Abuja is also a plus to the city cause its unusually cheaper than other cities,local taxi rate start from 200-1500 naira to the farthest distance excluding the airport and outskirts. Restaurants include metro cafe,ivory place,traffic bar,dunes centre,The den etc The social circle of Abuja majorly revolves around day parties (Adp,jamrock etc),pool parties,picnics cause of the numerous recreational parks littered around, Millennium park fashion shows,art exhibitions,and the club scene,with clubs like ,The Bank,Moscow,Play nightlife,crave,Caribbean etc. Hotel accommodations from 5-stars to 1-star include Transcorp Hilton,Nicon luxury,summerset,Sheraton,Traffic Missouri,Grand Cubana, sandralia amongst others. The major supermarkets and department store include Exclusive stores,sahad stores,Amigos,H-medix. Local markets include wuse market,garki international market,garki ultra modern market, utako international market. The biggest estate is called gwarimpa which holds the house of the legendary Area fada “charley boy”. There has been a recent inclusion to the outdoor activities in Abuja which is the introduction of the jabi boat club, where you can go on boat rides,jet ski and other water activities. I had a blast visiting all these places over my time in Abuja and I would love to see and hear from you all if you have visited any of these places and anywhere else I didn’t mention. Keep in touch with me on my social platforms Ig: sassybd_ Twitter: obehsylvia Facebook: obeh sylvia Snapchat: sassybd01 I love you all but God loves you more #traveldiaries #abuja #metrocafe #transcorphilton #parks #lifeinabuja